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"Being somewhere free from homophobia, transphobia, and misogyny is a bit like breathing fresh AF air after being stuck on a tube with standing room only on a hot day. This is why you can understand that many queers, myself included, are very protective of our safe spaces ... Yes, a lot of work has been done, but we are nowhere near finished." -Aoife Hanna

Want to bring the Time for Love Project to your hometown?  It's easy!  Time for Love is designed to be easily replicated wherever you are.

Get the word out, assemble a group, and hold hands with your partners through your town!  This could be just a park or small part of town at first.  In time, even with a small group of participants, you'll be able to start normalizing LGBTQ+ relationships in your town.  And that means comfort and security for all couples (including you!).  

The Nitty Gritty

Though the idea behind the project seems simple, there are some important points to cover.  While we want everyone to have a good time during the event, there may be bystanders that don't wish the same for us.  This may include dirty looks, name calling, threatening speech/behavior, or actual violence.   The Time for Love Project is a non-violent campaign, meaning that we do not fight back against those who wish to hurt us.  

In the event of hate during your event, it is important that your participants do not retaliate against hostile bystanders.  Retaliation of any kind destroys the non-violent principles of the project and will jeopardize its future.  

Mandatory Guidelines for All Participants

  • Do not engage any bystanders who may disapprove or verbally attack you.​

  • Keep your cool. Don’t let them access your anger. Remember: they are not your enemy.

  • Just keep walking. Ignore them. Violence/retaliatory attacks (physical or verbal) from participants of any kind destroys our mission of non-violence, will jeopardize the future of the project and will result in the participant being blocked from future walks and events.

  • Remember, as long as you continue to hold hands, we are successful no matter what anyone throws at us. We are not breaking any laws by holding hands and we will not succumb to insults.

  • Hold on tight to your partner’s hand and don’t let go. If you let go, they win.

  • If the abuse is persistent, start recording the incident on your phone. This can be very valuable for sharing on social media and with the police if necessary.

  • Above all, stay safe. Always stay in sight of other couples in case problems arise.

Do you have what it takes?

Of course you do!  Before starting, send us a message stating your intent to start your own chapter.  We're here to get you started and help however we can.  Welcome to Time for Love!

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