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Newsletter - August 2019

Group photo from our July 13th walk on the Emerald Necklace Riverway

Hello, Time for Love!

This is Nate, the organizer of the Time for Love Project!  Keeping you posted on what's going on with the project.  As you may have noticed, we cancelled our August 3rd walk.  I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused anyone who was planning on coming.  I am going to take a break from hosting walks until mid- to late-September in Boston due to personal reasons (a big career change happening for me that I need to put my focus on).

As part of the mission of Time for Love, I would love at this point to invite anyone who is interested to become a leader and host a walk in my absence!  It can take whatever form you like and in whatever part of Boston you would like, as long as it is easily accessible by T and car (parking).  Maybe you'd like to host an event at a restaurant where couples are free to put their arm around their partner for a nice meal, or a music festival where couples are free to dance in public together, or a day at the beach where couples are free to show PDA with one another.  The possibilities are endless.

Join us August 17th in Willimantic, CT for Chase's first Time for Love walk outside of Boston!  The more people we have like Chase that pioneer their own chapters, the faster we will be to normalizing LGBTQ+ public PDA, which will mean a better world for all of us.

Have a great summer and stay tuned for future events this September.

Yours truly,




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